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Dark Blogs Case Study 01

Suw Charman has released the first "Dark Blogs" case study: Dark Blogs Case Study 01 - A European Pharmaceutical Group

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the first Dark Blogs case study, examining the use of Traction's TeamPage enterprise weblog software for a competitive intelligence project within a large European pharmaceutical group. The case study examines the reasons why blogs where chosen, project planning, implementation, integration with other business systems, editorial process, launch and promotion, training and adoption.

[from executive summary] This case study examines how a European pharmaceutical group used Traction Software's TeamPage enterprise weblog software to create a competitive intelligence (CI) knowledge base to replace previous platforms such as Lotus Notes databases and static websites.

It is great to see this case study of blogging within a large (pharmaceutical) company.  And competitive intelligence seems to be a good place to start, as the group of people doing the leg work need to share information with one another quickly and easily.

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