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Watching Eli in action

Recently, I had the opportunity to observe Eli Goldratt going through a Viable Vision offer with a client.  It is amazing to watch and listen to him go through the process with clients.  It also makes me more and more of a believer.

By the time a client gets to this point, they are ready to drink the Kool-Aid, but it was still interesting to watch the client's reaction to Goldratt walking them through the opportunity represented by the Viable Vision.  It didn't hurt that this particular client is ready to make the leap.  I wish I could have stuck around for the next client, for whom Eli could not foresee a Viable Vision.

[Viable Vision is about applying all the Goldratt methodologies to transform companies.  The baseline offer is to turn net profits into current annual sales in four years!]

Update: Changed URL for Viable Vision above to point to current VV schedule. That is 18 August 2005 in Raleigh, NC. 25 October 2005 in Dallas, TX. 17 November 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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