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Anjo Anjewierden: Meetings

10:50 Cycling to a meeting.
11:00 Meeting with Lilia (on the future development of BlogTrace I believe :-)).
12:00 Cycling home (forgot my portable).
12:20 Cycling to another meeting.
12:30 A brainstorming what-to-do-next meeting on a commercial project (sorry, no details). Free lunch.
14:00 Cycling home.
15:20 Cycling to yet another meeting.
15:30 Interesting discussion on Semantic Techniques in relation to ontologies and NLP.
17:00 Cycling home.

Cycling is part of the job :-).

I really need to come up with more non-home-office destinations, so I can cycle to them.  Even worse, I'll be traveling during the Tour de France, and I am worried that I won't have Outdoor Life Network at the hotel.

Anyone located near Fort Lauderdale, FL this summer?

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