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I'm a poser geek

The results are in, and I'm still about as geeky today as I was in January.  As with other tests, this one leans heavily towards specific aspects of geekdom, like video gaming (never owned gaming consoles) and some very stilted questions in other areas.

The Poser Geek

You answered 59% of the questions as a geek truly would.

As a poser geek, you're trying too damned hard. There's a strong possibility that you think you're a geek because you own your own computer, however you're truly missing the bigger picture. You aspirations of being a geek mainly come from your friends, who are probably slightly cooler.

Get rid of those thick black-rimmed glasses. Being a geek isn't about style, it's about substance!

So what's this all mean? It means you're probably a pretty cool person. You've probably got social graces and are well liked by many people. While not a complete conformist, you do prefer to follow along with popular culture. True geeks probably laugh at you behind your back.

In a nutshell, you answered most question how you thought a geek WOULD answer, but your misconceptions deceived you. Truth is, 60% of people are geekier than you.

[Update: got rid of a bunch of embedded images that no longer exist]

Link: The True Geek Test written by ambientred on Ok Cupid

I found this via Sylvie Noel, who is much geekier at 76%.

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