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Upcoming KM Chicago: 48 Years of Paper

The next KM Chicago meeting will be Tuesday, 9 August from 5-7 pm.  The presenters are members of the Allstate Financial KM team, speaking on 48 Years of Paper – Changing the Culture of the Allstate Financial Contact Center.  Please see the website for directions and full speaker bios.

Strategic Challenge
Allstate Financial has several contact centers located in three different states, each of which operations semi-autonomously. As we have integrated these call centers to handle calls from other locations, we discovered a need for sharing of information by customer service representatives. Much of the information used to answer customer and agent calls was inconsistent among representatives and across service centers and largely paper based. Life insurance and annuities are, by and large, heavily regulated by state. Approval of all content by our Legal, Tax and Compliance departments created a challenge many organizations undertaking content management do not have to face. Training already takes far too long and taking representatives off the phone for training they may not use immediately is not effective.

We needed to create a content management solution that would transform existing paper and scattered on-line documents into dynamic, interactive knowledge delivered at the moment of need.

We developed a new paradigm, where the employee/learner is viewed as a knowledge seeker, with constantly changing learning needs and timeframes.

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