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AOK: Conversation with Piero Formica

The latest AOK Star Series with Piero Formica, starting now, highlights "Public-Private Partnerships for Knowledge Dissemination and Transfer."  From the introduction to his material:

The co-evolution of ideas (the content) and their historical, social, organizational and institutional forms (the context) has been the mainspring of economic growth throughout history. It is the stream of human activity; its flow of energy that makes possible the co-evolution that marks one civilization from the next. The energy circuit of the sailing-ship era or that of the iron-hulled, ocean-going steamship age differs widely from today. To take a course appropriate to the changing times, the flow of energy needs a proper policy. The distinguished novelist Isabel Paterson laid the foundations of the reasoning behind this recommendation in her masterpiece, The God of the Machine, published in 1943.

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