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Next at AOK: Toward Pragmatic Knowledge Management

The next AOK Star Series will run Monday, 19th September, through Friday, 30th September.  The topic is "Toward Pragmatic Knowledge Management" with David Fearon and Steven Cavaleri.  Read up on the details at AOK: Conversations with David Fearon and Steven Cavaleri

Steve Cavaleri and David Fearon have been associates in the field of knowledge management for longer than they have been members of AOK, but Steve is one of our originals. Now they come together here to lead a conversation on pathways from the conventional approach of knowledge as perceived as academics to knowledge that is pragmatic and value driven.

"Conventional approaches are largely top-down and outside-in," Cavaleri writes, "while more pragmatic approaches are largely inside-out and bottom-up." But pragmatic knowledge does not leave theoretical knowledge behind. They work in parallel.

"Pragmatic knowledge focuses on custom-creating knowledge to address poorly understood problems or situations, while conventional knowledge is more adept at improving well-known, clearly structured, and recurring situations."

Please note, AOK now charges an $50 annual fee for membership.  If you are interested in thoughtful conversations in a wide range of KM topics, please join.

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