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Not-so-new KM blogger

Dave Chu has been writing Knowledge/Action for a while, but he seems to be hitting his stride lately.  He's been interested in knowledge management since the early 1990's as you can read from a number of his posts.  This one talks about his genesis on the path. A Neo-Confucian Approach to Knowledge Management:

While reading translated excerpts from the “Complete Works of Chu Hsi” I noticed phrases related to the definition of Qi and Li which referred to the endogenous knowledge existing in wood that were eerily similar to an on-going discussion thread, about tacit and implicit knowledge, in a newsgroup that I participated in. In particular, I was intrigued by a paragraph, “Knowledge and action require each other. … In terms of precedence, knowledge comes first. In terms of importance, action is more important.”

From this, Dave and friends developed the phrase, "Knowledge without action is useless. Action without knowledge is Dangerous."  Thus the name of his blog.  Sort of like, "Faith without words is dead."  I like the tone of his posts thus far, and I have had a few email discussions with Dave over his role in the well-publicized KM work at Novartis

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