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New KM lead at Aventis

BioIT World reports that Eric Neuman has become their new head of Knowledge Managment. Recombination February 18, 2004 - News

Amid the takeover rumors swirling around Aventis, the French pharma has recruited Eric Neumann to be its new Global Head of Knowledge Management. Neumann, who was formerly vice president for strategic informatics at systems biology company Beyond Genomics, also says he will continue working with the W3C on the life science Semantic Web after the move.

This position was passed my way last year, and I had a few discussions with people about it. It's a great opportunity for Eric Neumann, as long as Aventis remains afloat. Their approach to knowledge management is positive and very much wrapped up in the way they talk about their Drug Innovation and Approval organization.

Here are my earlier comments about KM at Aventis.

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