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Upcoming KM Chicago: CNA's Performance Support Tool

KM Chicago: CNA's Performance Support Tool - Oct 11th

Abstract: The concept of CNA’s Performance Support Tool (PST) originated with business requirements to satisfy an ever-challenging business issue – “to deliver expert information to users at the right time and in the right place”. The concept of performance support is important as it indicates CNA's commitment to using Knowledge Management (KM) best practices to achieve measurable results. The relationship between knowledge management and performance support is straightforward: KM tools, techniques, strategies, and processes serve as the enablers of performance support. In this view, performance support answers the question of why CNA is engaging in KM-related initiatives. Similarly, KM initiatives provide the answer of how CNA will be executing and supporting performance support initiatives.

The meeting will be at CNA Insurance's building in the Loop (rather than our usual Factiva location), and it will be webcast to our Allstate satellite location in Northbrook.  See this post for the directions and dial-in details.

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