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KM Chicago: CoP's at NSLS on Nov 8th

The November 8th meeting of KM Chicago will be on  Community of Practices at the North Suburban Library System.  For time and location details see the full announcement.

The North Suburban Library System (NSLS) is a multi-type consortium serving more than 650 member libraries in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. NSLS needed a way for its members to enhance their face-to-face networking meetings and communicate more effectively in an electronic environment. This presentation will give an overview of NSLS’s KM initiative with an in-depth look at the implementation of Community of Practices (CoPs) among our membership. We'll explore how we went about creating the CoPs in-house, gathering feedback, and making enhancements. We'll discuss internal and external marketing of the CoPs as well as the lessons learned throughout. Finally, we'll talk about our success with the CoPs and our KM initiative and what's planned for the future.

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