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Learning processes and something management

George at elearnspace suggests in Information Management:

I'm starting to view effective KM and information management processes as being primarily learning processes. The main point of managing information is to make it available and accessible when required. Information management in isolation for larger learning strategies seems futile. Knowledge and information management should serve larger organizational goals and needs...and be tightly linked to the learning approaches employed system wide.

And not only should they serve the larger whole, they need to serve the individual learner as well.  There is a big circle-of-life aspect here.  What are you trying to do as a person?  How does that relate to the info-knowledge "stuff" you have now, and what new "stuff" do you need to move forward in those goals?  How does this relate to the business you're in?  What does that organization need to accomplish its goals?  Eventually this cycles back to what do the individuals that make up the organization need.

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