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Jack needs ...

Another do-this-instead-of-work meme for your pleasure.  This time you ask Google what you need by doing a quoted search for "yourname needs".  Then list the top ten hits, possibly removing the pornographic ones.

  1. Jack needs a girlfriend (don't tell my wife)
  2. Jack needs his Jill
  3. Jack needs a home
  4. Jack needs a helping hand
  5. Jack needs $3200 (a site about gambling)
  6. Jack needs a stud (breeding Jack Russell terriers)
  7. Jack needs two forks
  8. Jack needs to get over Kate (and a reply that "Jack needs to kick her to the curb")
  9. Jack needs your help
  10. Jack needs no drilling for pegs

There was a whole entry on "things jack needs to learn" that could have replaced this entire list.

You can also ask other search engines, as Liz did.  I've also seen entries from Zes and Christina.

UPDATE: Jack also needs to figure out how to pre-publish content. This was supposed to go out on the 4th, but it just got published with a future date instead. Changed to today.

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