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Blogging case study: DrugData Update

Blogging to raise awareness: the DrugScope experience.  This straightforward report gives the details of how DrugScope went about implementing a blog, DrugData Update, to keep their website visitors better informed of daily additions and changes to their article database.  I like who this case study lays out their market, their intended content and how they intend to provide focus for their expected audience.  The result is definitely an information-conveying blog.  The blog was launched in October 2005.

This report came from the Specialist Library on Knowledge Management.  This is part of the UK's National Health Service and its National Electronic Library for Heath (NeLH).  Something to explore.

Found via Talking KM, which "has been created to talk about issues relevant to the sharing of knowledge in the NHS."

Denham Grey at AOK on Social Software

Knowledge mapping is sensemaking