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Flashback 2001: KM issues

Forgive my spate of references to Denham Grey, but he's having some fun.  This time it is his 5 most important KM issues - from 2001.

What are the 5 most critical issues facing Knowledge Leaders today? [snip]

What are the 5 most critical issues facing Knowledge Leaders over the next 3-5 years? [snip]

Posted  11/21/2001 - has anything really changed??

Denham's issues are at just the right level that nearly all of them are still fairly relevant four years later.  It also says something about his appreciation for the scope of what is knowledge management. 

I think some of the "future" items have moved into "today."  Specifically, while the connection between knowledge and business still needs to be made, I'm seeing more and more examples of taking KM outside the walls in order to bring in customer, suppliers and other business partners.  The best example on my mind at the moment is Caterpillars Knowledge Networks (my article), where they invite their suppliers and customers to participate in appropriate communities. 

The idea of crafting ontologies is interesting, and different than we thought four years ago.  While taxonomies and categorization is still important, I am seeing people interested in adding more context and about-ness to relationships between knowledge bits, people and processes.  This is somewhat Semantic Web and somewhat context-sensitive knowledge.

Depending on your perspective, these issues are going to be very different.

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