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Where is the blue light

Does what you are doing contribute to the mission of your organization?  James Robertson suggests the test, "Does it make the planes fly."

... Ask yourself: does my intranet really help to "make the planes fly?" If it doesn't, look to do something more, something new. Something beyond just delivering HR and finance information, online forms and a staff directory...

My favorite story along these lines is that "blue light" in a welding shop was the sign of money being made, even though welders were responsible for many non-blue-light activities.  When the organization in the story realized the importance of blue light, they made every effort to offload non-blue-light activities from the welders.

I think I was at my first job for a month when the VP asked "how have you guaranteed success today?" in the lunch line at the cafeteria.  No, I didn't have a great comeback for him.  And, yes, I still remember the question.

The theory of constraints gang would ask how the activity shows up on throughput, operating expense or investment.

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