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The power of the question

I discovered the Anti-Knowledge website recently via my tag search for knowledge management.  Anti-knowledge is the home of Instant Innovation, LLC and is run by Bruce LaDuke.  What struck me was the central role he gives to the power of the question in his framing of how human knowledge develops:

The question is a little understood element of human cognition, but the question has incredible power and is at the center of every scientific and technological advance. The question is a central aspect of both learning and knowledge creation.

This work is clearly deeper than a few minutes reading will provide.  He's written on knowledge management in a number of arenas, from technology to innovation to cognition to artificial intelligence and more.  He also has a book, Knowledge Machine, which he makes freely available from the website.

There was a thread on the idea of questions that I picked up, inspired by Lilia writing about her research process, Knowledge flows are powered by questions.

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