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Jack interviewed in Chinese

I have been interviewed by the Knowledge Management Center, a Chinese KM group, based in Beijing.  The connection was made through one of my students at Northwestern.  My answers are provided in English, but the original questions are in Chinese.  Assuming most of my readers can't parse Chinese, here are the original questions:

  1. As an expert in knowledge management, please tell us the bottom line about your researches and practices in this area?
  2. From enterprises’ perspective, what do you think the meaning of knowledge management is?
  3. What is the most important problem regarding knowledge management is confronting with for those enterprises?
  4. Do you think organizational culture impacts knowledge management within a given enterprise? If so, how does this enterprise establish a suitable organizational culture by knowledge management interventions?
  5. What is your opinion regarding what kind of system can be called knowledge management system? What kind of IT system can be recognized as an excellent knowledge management tool?
  6. What kind of management theory should be emphasized from the perspective of knowledge management?
  7. How do you consider the future outlook of knowledge management in developing countries, such as China? Do you agree there will be lots of knowledge enterprises in China in the future?
  8. How do you regard the relationship among knowledge management, knowledge enterprise, and self-creation?

Question 4 is my favorite because culture is one of the thorniest issues in knowledge management.

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