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Hooking into the zeitgeist - that's knowledge management

While many people see KM as all about the "management" and "collection" of knowledge, I have always seen it as about informing as many people as possible about what is going on / what is going through the organizational mind.

Several people retweeted this comment from Robert Lavigne today, linking to his blog post of the same title, Sharing of New Found Knowledge is the Responsibility of all Knowledge Workers.  Sadly, beyond the statement, there isn't much more detail about the statement in his blog.

But the sentiment is right on.  It's why I've been blogging for six+ years.  It's why I always wrote up trip reports when I visited customers or attended conferences.  It's why I love the idea of knowledge management in general.  KM has to be about providing that sense of what is happening (in general or in a given subject area or with specific people).  Merely capturing the information isn't going to provide anyone a benefit. 

So, why is it the responsibility of all knowledge workers to share new found knowledge?  Because it is in the sharing that others learn.  They learn of the new knowledge, sure.  But they also learn about your interpretation of the new material.  They learn of your interests.  And - even better - they can build upon what you have learned, rather than starting at ground zero - even if they happen upon the same materials (without your comments).

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