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Ongoing comments on Eric Tsui

For those who read my standard feed, Eric Tsui on KM, PKM and P2P from a month ago has received some attention in an information management graduate class.  Michael Goul at ASU has asked the students that are willing to take a crack at reading the article and posting their comments.

Hello! I am asking my graduate Master of Science in Information Management class to read the Tsui article you reference as their pre-first class meeting assignment. I've asked the brave among them to post their takes on the article, make suggestions for aspects that need to be updated in light of their personal experiences and/or to comment on the importance of PKM and P2PKM to enterprise computing. Thanks, in advance for affording us this opportunity to engage with you and the KM community!

There have been several interesting comments that take things in directions I might not have expected.  

And, if you want to see comments as they are posted, feel free to subscribe to my extended web feed that includes comments.

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