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Adopting software in the enterprise

At Strange Attractor, Suw Charman provides An adoption strategy for social software in enterprise:

Experience has shown that simply installing a wiki or blog (referred to collectively as 'social software') and making it available to users is not enough to encourage widespread adoption. Instead, active steps need to be taken to both foster use amongst key members of the community and to provide easily accessible support.

The article details the things that need to happen outside installing the software and letting people have at it (if you build it, they won't come).  Have a look at the full article and tell me if you don't notice the same thing as I?  These are things any intervention needs: the people expected to employ the tool need to be excited, and management need to support it.   Charman is providing the keys to some of the rules that need to be in place to make it happen.

The list focuses on Grassroots Adoption

  1. Identify key user groups
  2. Identify and understand key users
  3. Convert key users into evangelists
  4. Turn evangelists into trainers
  5. Support bottom-up adoption and emergent behaviours

and on Management Support

  1. Lead by example
  2. Lead by mandate
  3. Lead by reminding
  4. Ensure there is adequate support
  5. Ensure personal and business benefits reflect each other


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