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I'd fit right in

Alex Barnett jokes yup:

Joe Morel took the words right out of my mouth:

"Then I moved to Seattle, and started drinking more coffee."

Joe's original story is about moving to Seattle and being amazed that people paid for coffee when it was available for free in the kitchen, like in most corporations. 

If that's the only criteria for "fitting into" Seattle, I would have no trouble.  In my first job, we quickly moved from trying to game to free coffee (two packets of grounds) to bringing in better coffee for the machine (run through it too fast) to using our own coffee maker.  It was housed in my office, so I kept myself well-caffeinated.

If you live anywhere near Evanston, IL you should get your coffee beans from Casteel Coffee.  They roast it on the premises.  Yum.

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