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Blogiversary 3 and an offer

My third blogiversary came and went last week without my noticing.  (Well, I noticed, but I was on a family vacation.)  What fun this is.

In celebration, I'd like to offer something back to my readers in the form of a contest.  Point me to something you think I'll find interesting, and I will send you coffee or tea from Casteel Coffee.  How?  Use to save websites you think might be interesting to me and tag it with the for:username structure (in my case for:jackvinson) that will drop the item into my inbox.  (I'll really see it by monitoring the web feed in my aggregator.) 

I'll run the contest on a month-to-month basis, with awards on the 18th.  Oh, and if you have an odd name, please let me know who you are.

Keeping up or something else

Microsoft search wants to pick your brain