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Blogiversary contest winner

Last month I made a request to my readers to point me at interesting websites via the for:jackvinson structure.  I didn't receive a whole lot of response, so I am going to leave the contest to just the results from the last month.

After careful consideration, the winner is Zesmerelda with a link to InnoCentive, a service that attempts to link scientists (chemists and biologists) to interesting technical challenges.  Here is their blurb:

InnoCentive (r) is an exciting web-based community matching top scientists to relevant R&D challenges facing leading companies from around the globe. We provide a powerful online forum enabling major companies to reward scientific innovation through financial incentives.

The currently-featured challenges are worth $50K and $20K for the person who solves them.  Cool.  This concept appears similar to other services which attempt to hook up people with questions and those with answers.

Zesmerelda: let me know what kind of coffee you like!

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