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KM Chicago: KM Offshoring

Lisa Beckers, Americas Regional Knowledge Manager for Deloitte Consulting LLP (division of Deloitte & Touche) will provide a "Report from the Front Lines of KM Offshoring" at the next KM Chicago meeting, 13 June, 5-7 pm.  For details on both the downtown and Northbrook locations, see the announcement.

How flat IS the world of knowledge management?  We're sure Lisa Beckers' comments will generate a lively audience discussion about the pros and cons of offshoring KM activities.  Lisa has had extensive experience with offshoring of knowledge management activities at her recent position with Heidrick & Struggles, which she left 6 months ago, and also has experience with it at Deloitte Consulting. She will discuss why her organizations decided to offshore and how well it worked; what activities lend themselves to offshoring and tips for a successful implementation. 

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