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What are knowledge behaviors

Shawn Callahan of Anecdote poses a great question in What are knowledge behaviours?

I've been asked by a client to propose a way to help embed knowledge behaviours. My approach will consist of creating situations where the organisation’s staff work things out for themselves and develop their own interventions (as is my way), but it did get me wondering what knowledge behaviours might be. Here are some I’d thought of. My list was prompted by some ideas in David De Long’s working paper of 1997. I would love to hear what you think knowledge behaviours are.

Shawn's list is primarily about those behaviors associated with the idea of knowledge appearing in the interaction between people: sharing, helping, discussing, seeking, ....  There are also knowledge behaviors aligned with the individual:

  • reflecting on past actions
  • studying, researching
  • checking that my tools & methods are still working for me
  • asking for and receiving feedback
  • knowing and stretching my limits

Also, if you get a chance, read through the David De Long article Shawn references, Building the Knowledge-Based Organization: How Culture Drives Knowledge Behaviors (pdf).  It's loaded with still-relevant ideas.

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