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Signs of a knowledge economy

Eclectic Bill Brantley has written a series of articles on "Signs of the emerging knowledge economy" based on his reading of a number of books recently (Toffler, Benkler, Beinhocker, Pfeffer & Sutton, McGee, Abrahamson).  The last entry summarizes his thoughts and encourages us to read the books: Signs of the emerging knowledge economy: Part Four

It's hard to decide how to summarize what he's written, since these are summaries of still longer pieces.  I'll go with his five implications for knowledge management:

  1. Open and honest knowledge is the key to business success .
  2. Accurate sensing of the environment.
  3. Recombine instead of reengineering.
  4. Watch out for surplus complexity.
  5. Knowledge has an expiration date. Check it frequently.

More books for the pile!

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