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Most Significant Technology

Anecdote is using an interesting methodology, called Most Significant Change, that uses storytelling to help measure the normally-implicit value of projects and change initiatives.  These are not your run of the mill projects that have obvious bottom-line impact, but projects that are efforts to change the culture or change how people think in the organization.  What is the best way to describe and see the value behind the project and the value that the project has left behind?  Storytelling: use the power of words and language to communicate value where numbers do not work.

Most Significant Change is a process of collecting and finding stories that evoke this value.  And now Anecdote are getting ready to release some tools to help manage this process.  A new application to support Most Significant Change projects

Most Significant Change is a monitoring technique based on the collection and selection of stories. The technique involves collecting stories, gathering people together to talk about them and then selecting the stories they believe are the most significant. This selection process creates new conversations in an organisation while systematically developing an intuitive understanding among staff of a program’s impact. Here is a short history of the technique.

Today we are announcing that we will soon launch a new web 2.0 innovation that will help you run your most significant change projects. The project is called Zahmoo and if you want to get an early look at the application, sign up as a beta user here.

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