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The story of an association near-implosion

Patrick Lambe has self-published a piece he calls Money, Testosterone and Knowledge Management (pdf).  This is how he introduces it on his blog:

This article chronicles an acrimonious schism in the KM association KM Pro in late 2004, and puts it into the context of other KM association schisms in the USA during the late nineties. ... Feedback appreciated! The drama, by the way, continues, with the shutting down of three Yahoo Groups KM communities in early 2006 directly attributable to the differences between the warring parties in this fight.

I was tangentially involved in the schism, as I was a member of a local networking group that met under the moniker of KMPro.  We struggled mightily to understand what was happening with the national leadership and how that impacted our own credibility and standing as a group.  We had relatively little interaction with the larger body, other than paying dues and a couple visits from the leadership over the years, so we decided to go our separate ways with KM Chicago.  (Disclaimer: I am the current president of KM Chicago.) 

Here's what I said back in August 2004 about the growing pains at KMPro.

KMPro still exists, by the way, and recently announced new members of the advisory board.  From what I can see, they have put the schism behind them and are moving forward again.  I still see some of the main actors from Patrick's article participating in discussions on various mailing lists and blogs.

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