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James Spillane on Distributed Leadership

James Spillane will be speaking on Distributed Leadership at Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change's first Innovator Lecture of the year On Tuesday, October 3rd at the AON Center in Chicago's Loop. 

If you are interested, be sure to RSVP:

CLOC Fall Innovator Lecture
James Spillane, PhD
SESP Professor and Olin Chair in Learning & Organizational Change
"Distributed Leadership"
Tuesday, Oct. 3
4:30-6:00 PM
AON Center--200 E. Randolph St. (downtown Chicago)
RSVP ($10)
Questions: 847-491-7376

Distributed leadership means more than shared leadership. This evolving concept in leadership shifts the focus away from one or a few formal and informal leaders to highlight the web of leadership that, in reality, drives the effectiveness of organizations. Spillane’s practical and groundbreaking research reminds us that leadership discussions should move beyond the Superman and Wonder Woman view of leadership. And leadership practice is about interactions, not just the actions of heroes. During this lecture, he will explain the elements of distributed leadership and how it works, using real-life examples from his research on school leadership. Lecture participants will leave with an understanding of how they can apply the distributed perspective of leadership in their organizations. 

James Spillane, the Spencer T .and Ann W. Olin Chair in Learning & Organizational Change in the School of Education and Social Policy, is the author of numerous journal articles and the recently released book "Distributed Leadership." Spillane’s research focuses on local implementation of government education policy and on school leadership.

Join us for an engaging lecture and Q&A session, followed by a reception and book signing.

The Center for Learning & Organizational Change (CLOC) regularly hosts lecture and discussion events designed to promote thought leadership about the integrated study and application of learning & performance, knowledge and organizational change strategies. The CLOC provides networking and continuing education opportunities for Northwestern’s Master’s in Learning & Organizational Change students, alumni, organizational partners, and professionals whose careers and interests center around fully realizing the human potential within organizations.

I wrote about an earlier lecture by Spillane, where he discussed the (missed)management of instruction.

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