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Business Blogging Seminars from Six Apart

Business blogging promo fall 2006Six Apart, maker of MovableType and TypePad (and LiveJournal), is doing a series of business blogging seminars across the USA through the end of the year.  They'll be in Chicago on November 16th with a focus on Marketing, PR and Advertising businesses.  I don't think they will keep you out if you are from another industry.

Here's what Six Apart says in the description of the events.  You will

  • Learn how to create effective blogging strategies and policies
  • Hear dynamic use cases from specific industries
  • See the latest blogging technologies demonstrated, including RSS and podcasting
  • Have your specific business blogging questions addressed in our Q&A sessions

If you are considering going, I get a little extra credit as a member of their "ProNet," so use the links above to register, thanks!

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