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Fostering collegiatlity

Bren at Slacker Manager is talking about Fostering collegiality with his usual sense of humor (excerpted):

Fostering collegiality in any environment is a good idea. Collegiality can be grease for the wheels of progress. In fact, I’d say that fostering collegiality is absolutely something that good leaders do–it might even be a hallmark of good leadership.

Here are a few ideas for fostering collegiality at work:

  • Know the makeup.
  • Be the change.
  • Consider technology.
  • Reward it when you see it.
  • Laser light shows.
  • Mold the plebes.
  • Retreat!
  • Regular reviews.

Businesses are run by people.  Ergo, for the business to do well there must be collegiality between the participants in the business.  (They don't have to like one another, just be collegial.)  Just imagine how much fun it is to work side-by-side with someone you can't stand due to lack of general friendliness.

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