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Knowledge workers do more than search

I always enjoy the quip that most users aren't interested in search, they want to find.  Ramana Rao goes further, Beyond Search is REAP.  What do you do after the search / find activity?  REAP describes a bigger picture:

Consider the typical information work flow of a professional:

  • Retrieve — collect information from a variety of sources
  • Extract — extract data, facts, examples
  • Arrange — arrange documents and facts for use now or later
  • Present — compose information into artifacts of value

Search is just about the retrieve and the -eaping is pretty much left to the person. Does knowledge worker come to mind? ...

I like the jump up to knowledge work.  Knowledge workers aren't just out there finding stuff.  They synthesize, formulate, come up with other stuff to go find, analyze, present...  You know all the verbs.  One other piece of knowledge work is that one thing builds upon another.  Each cycle through REAP informs how the next cycle goes.

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