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Denham on Social Search

As usual, Denham Grey has produced a to-the-point piece on Social Search.

Social search is touted as the next big thing for improving information retrieval, relevance and awareness. Let's take a look.

He tells there is no good definition of Social Search, beyond the general idea that it is (web) search refined by a person's social circle.  That circle could be work-mates or play-mates or both.

When I've looked at the developing options, I've always thought that it doesn't seem like it will work.  Or I just couldn't quite see the point in using intermediaries in this way.  I can't picture the steps I would take to search in this way, as opposed to going to my favorite search engines.  Maybe the social search is what I have to do after an "unsocial" search fails to provide me with good enough answers.  But then I want to interact and provide more context around my question to help my friends help me.  I almost think of the role of a librarian and the reference interview used to tease out the question.

That said, I definitely use my social network to ask questions and to discover interesting things for me.  This isn't so much search as it is a targeted recommendation engine.  For example, I read a lot of blogs.  One value I get from them is that the collection of bloggers has the ability to read and think about more things than I can alone.  I can then filter and read what I wish, based on my knowledge of the blogger (and the time I choose to dedicate at the moment).

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