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My name: The good and the bad

My name is Jack.  My legal name is Jonathan.  That gives you some clues right off the bat.

Good things about the name Jack:

  • It's a real name, and everyone can speak and spell it.
  • Not common 40 years ago, so, I was usually the only Jack in rooms full of Bill's, John's, Lisa's and Jennifer's.
  • If you call me Jonathan, I know you don't know me.
  • It's a fun story to tell about why I am Jack and not John.

Bad things about the name Jack:

  • There are far too many nursery rhymes with Jack as the subject.
  • If you make airline reservations for me as Jack Vinson, I get kicked to the HIGH THREAT line by airport security.
  • It's easily confused with "Jeff" when spoken aloud (at least by me).  And sometimes "Jock." 

Taken from my friend, Tom, who is pretty good at wasting my time.

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