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Reality of implementing web 2.0 in enterprises

Dinesh Tantri has an interesting thought about Enterprise 2.0 Tools Don't Address The Politics Of KM

I was reviewing an enterprise wiki implementation recently. This is a group that had impact across the organization on multiple divisions. The wiki was great. The customizations were great. But the people aspect had the 1.0 hangover. Only members of this group had access to the wiki while the implications of the knowledge that gets created was enterprise wide. [snip]

Enterprises are made of people who are used to the command-and-control days of knowledge management as document management: "corporate KM."  I appreciate Tantri's comments.

In a related situation, a former student contacted me about a client who is implementing "user participation" on their new web site and did I have any thoughts on how they might bring more web 2.0 ideas into the mix.  One could imagine doing a variety of things, but on looking at their web site, I couldn't see how they were designing for real user participation. 

It's not easy for people to make that jump.

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