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Blog tag game - 5 things

I've been tagged by Jim.  I was wondering if this game would wend my way (both hoping it would and dreading it).  So, here are five things people may not know about me. My family know most of these, right Bob?

  1. I've competed in several mountain bike races, though nothing recent.  I faired well in the local races, winning stuff like inner tubes.  My best placing was 7th in my age and class at the 1992 Mountain Bike Challenge in State College, PA (sponsored by Grove Innovations). 
  2. I graduated top of my class from high school - a class of 30 students.
  3. I wear my wedding ring on my right hand because my left ring finger was nearly pulled off (by the same ring) in a freak water park accident.  Suffice to say that you should pay attention when they tell you to remove all jewelry.
  4. Another school days factoid: I played Tom Sawyer in a grade school play, next to David Eyth has Huckleberry Finn.  I recall during rehearsals that I kept substituting "f" for "h" in his nickname.  I continued acting through school, including the male lead in a high school comedy (can't remember the title).  My current acting load involves being a fool for my children.
  5. I've been vegetarian (lacto-ovo: I eat eggs & dairy) since the summer of 1987.  At the time I switched for several reasons: vegetarian girlfriend (long gone), I had grown tired of eating meat, and (#6 in the list) I was friendly with the campus Hare Krishna's, who fed me good veggie food and weren't pushy with the religion thing.

And at the end, I get to tag five others.  Several other people I'd like to tag have already be stuck.

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