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Excited Utterances, hidden but not

I was disappointed when Joy London moved her Excited Utterances blog behind a paywall, since she always had good a knowledge management in the law perspective.  But she hasn't stayed completely out of view of the cognoscenti. 

Richard Susskind has mentioned Excited Utterances in the London Times, Come on, take a side: it's nerds v the Luddites.  He covers wikis, YouTube, social networks and blogging.  It is under the blogging topic that he mentions Excited Utterances:

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular medium in the legal world for the opinionated, the idiosyncratic and many others, to edify or simply sound off in a very public manner ( Some legal blogs attract very little interest. Others roll along with a modest following. Still others are widely digested and genuinely influential — for example, the judicial and academic double-act at While many are unimaginative, a few are punchy and even bold — for instance, the jazzy IP and IT blog at Another possibility is that a blog is taken out of the legal blogosphere altogether and becomes a conventional legal publication. So it has been with “Excited Utterances”, a splendid blog about knowledge management for lawyers. This blog has been mutated into a bi-monthly, subscription-based, electronic newsletter (

Disclosure: Joy asked me to mention this after a short email exchange in which I gave her a hard time about being hidden (from me).

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