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Am I a bicelebral?

Alex Barnett points to an interesting study that suggests left-handed people have more left-right connections in the brain (bicelebral) than the general population.  Guess who is left handed!  Left-handers are more 'bicelebral'

If you are left-handed (1 in 10 of you who read this post will be, statistically speaking) you will be happy to know that we are more 'bicelebral' than the right-handed version of us.

"Left-handed people can think quicker when carrying out tasks such as playing computer games or playing sport, say Australian researchers.

Connections between the left and right hand sides or hemispheres of the brain are faster in left-handed people, a study in Neuropsychology shows.

The fast transfer of information in the brain makes left-handers more efficient when dealing with multiple stimuli."

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