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RSS-enabled search engine from Marjolein Hoekstra

I was IM'd this morning by Marjolein Hoekstra, a friend from the ActiveWords community who has taken a deep dive into the world of RSS applications (check out her RSSonate bookmarks or the feed).  She has built a RSS-enabled search engine in conjunction with Todd And's Power 150 Marketing Blogs.  The cool thing?  It's all based on web applications. 

RSS-Enabled Marketing Search Engine : The Power 150:

Todd's Power 150 RSS-enabled marketing search engine lets you do the following:

  • Search all listed marketing blogs by keyword
  • Generate a custom keyword-feed from your search that you can add to your own RSS aggregator
  • Browse all marketing blogs as a combined, River of News feed
  • Browse all marketing blogs from an alphabetically ordered list
  • Grab the URLs to the feeds and OPML files offered in the widget to import or subscribe to in your own feed reader
  • Send feedback by e-mail

Applications / concepts used in the application

  • OPML - outline processor markup language to build a list of blogs for processing.  Having this list is a core to the resulting tool.
  • NewsGator Online - location of Todd's ever-changing OPML file of marketing blogs.  One should be able to get this kind of OPML from several of the online aggregators these days.
  • mySyndicaat - to create a river-of-news view of everything in the OPML file.  Essentially, this creates a single RSS feed of everything coming from the OPML.  The Corante Hubs use this (I'm a member).
  • FeedBurner - to produce a prettier version of the mySyndicaat feed.
  • ReFilter - to provide automatic filtering on the feed, so people can find only posts from the OPML relevant to their keywords AND get a feed of it!
  • Grazr (GrazrScript) - to build the "kitchen sink" Marjolein created to display the content of the Power 150.

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