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KM in Business book reviewed

Another book to add to the "read me" pile on knowledge management.  Sarah Elkins has posted her review of Introduction to Knowledge Management : KM in Business:

Introduction to Knowledge Management : KM in Business, Todd R. Groff and Thomas P. Jones

I wanted to get a better grip on ideas in and application of the discipline, for my group’s use of collaborative software. This book turned out to have some of that, but was less academic than I was expecting (this may be a plus to many readers). Instead, it introduces concepts of knowledge management (including controversy over using the term at all, and fallacies), suggests getting started with personal knowledge management, broadens into team approaches and change management, and addresses issues that come up in practicing KM (management v. leadership, and strategies). There’s even a Careers in KM chapter at the end.

I think I need to join her book club, if she is suggesting that this one might work in a book club.  My club tends to focus on popular fiction (and some non-fiction), but certainly not books like this or Applied Software Project Management.

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