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No such thing as a "KM System"

James Robertson usually has interesting things to say around knowledge management.  This time he clearly states that There are no "KM Systems" in his latest CM Briefing  Excellent.

With the rise of knowledge management as a discipline, vendors increasingly rebranded their products as 'knowledge management systems' (KMS). While this was a convenient label to cover a broad range of functionality, the use of 'KMS' as a term has caused considerable confusion.

For this reason, this briefing will argue that organisations should abandon the search for a 'KMS', and instead focus more closely on the specific capabilities required. Vendors are similarly encouraged to more clearly define their product capabilities, and to let go use of the catch-all 'KMS' label.

There are a lot of aspects to what people want to do with knowledge management.  And there are a lot of technologies out there than can support those things.  We all know that the technology alone isn't knowledge management, right? 

KM is about the people and work being done and how we can help one another do our work better.  If tech helps, great.  If it gets in the way, get rid of it.

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