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Paglia and others refining KM

Lou Paglia has engendered an interesting discussion with Knowledge is the important word in KM at his blog, correlate:

Are we in the beginning of a shift from holding so strongly to the words ‘knowledge management’? And if not, should it begin immediately? My sense is that ‘knowledge enablement’ is a potentially a much stronger word for what organizations are aiming to achieve.

There are a dozen comments, primarily a back-and-forth around familiar issues with defining knowledge, management and knowledge management.  But the issues raised are familiar to those who have been following KM for a while. 

I appreciate the thoughts around shifting away from the thought that management = control (of knowledge).  Rather, managers / management need to be setting the stage to enable the kinds of knowledge exchange appropriate for their business today (and the future of that business).  I like Steven Smoliar's idea that management need to monitor ACTIONS (rather than "stuff") and make decisions that impact those actions in the right way.  More to ponder.

I'm new to this particular blog, but the level of discussion seems to be higher than the usual mess that we usually make of this discussion in KM fora.  Tracking down the primary commenter, Steven Smoliar, I can see why.  Interesting stuff.

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