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Wikipedia editing as a soft addiction

I was reading the Chicago Tribune's "soft news" Q section in the Sunday paper and was entertained to find this line in the discussion of Soft Addictions by staff reporter Julie Deardorff (samples of soft addictions).

Because whether it's watching the NCAA tournament, checking e-mail, editing Wikipedia entries or walking into Starbucks, the activities are seemingly harmless behaviors.

What is a "soft addiction?"  Beyond the examples, they are essentially those things people can do to excess that gets in the way of their getting more important stuff done.  Imagine getting so stuck in the not important / not urgent quadrant that the other quadrants shrink to nothingness.  The article is based on a Harris Poll and work of Judith Wright on Soft Addictions.

The article also offers a "how to tell if your addicted (to the internet)" quiz and a list of the top 10 soft addictions (from the poll, I believe):

  1. Procrastination.
  2. Watching too much television.
  3. Overworking.
  4. Acting moody, such as being grumpy, cranky or overly happy.
  5. Overeating.
  6. Drinking too much coffee.
  7. Shopping impulsively.
  8. Daydreaming excessively.
  9. Complaining excessively.
  10. Surfing the Internet excessively.

I'm glad to see coffee is only number six.  Better have another cup.

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