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Two Goldratt articles on Viable Vision

Eli Goldratt, founder of the concepts behind Theory of Constraints, has a couple articles out recently that cover what's happening with Viable Vision.  (Viable Vision at its root is a means of using TOC principles to take a company's top line to its bottom line within four years.)

The first, thanks to Clarke Ching, is the Big Brand story of implementing a Viable Vision with a large apparel retailer.  The story is in-progress, but it shows how Viable Vision projects can be implemented with large companies.  It also shows some of the logic behind why a Viable Vision can be achieved, even for a large company.

The other is an interview / overview of Goldratt's recent work in Maverick Magazine, "The physicist and the amazingly stupid people," by Phillip de Wet.  (The article isn't available via the magazine's website, but John Sambrook has made a scanned copy available.)  As you might guess from the title, the author describes Goldratt in fine form.  But there are hints in the article about how Goldratt is looking to the future, even beyond the four-year Viable Vision projects.  Goldratt wants companies to be on the process of ongoing improvement even after the end of a Viable Vision project, such that it takes their competition years to catch up.

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