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What is Viable Vision

I've mentioned Goldratt Consulting's Viable Vision a number of times, and a few people have asked for more details.

The Viable Vision is a strategy for transforming a business so that within four years, its net profits are today's total sales.  Yes, this means that if you have $10 MM in sales, in four years you will have $10 MM in net profit. 

It seems unbelievable. 

It is not.  Goldratt is so confident that this can work that 90% of the consulting fees are at risk: if the client doesn't get to their Viable Vision, Goldratt (and Goldratt Consulting) doesn't get paid.  Why?  Because he has over 20 years of experience with the components that make up the Viable Vision work.  There have been many success stories, and Viable Vision is the best combination of this work. 

That's the short version.  The long version is very long and is very much dependent upon the company seeking a Viable Vision, which is why there hasn't been a lot of writing.  In addition, Goldratt Consulting have devised a process to bring companies into the Viable Vision, all based around the Theory of Constraints concepts.  The process is laid out at the Goldratt Consulting website.  (The website is flash, so one cannot deep link to the information: click "learn more" then on "Viable Vision" then "the process.")  The steps are designed to continually reinforce the theory of constraints concepts and to allow for either the company or Goldratt Consulting to stop the process.

  1. Attend the Viable Vision seminar (company leader: CEO, President, Owner)
  2. Collect data for development of a customized Viable Vision (TOC experts at the company)
  3. Create a Viable Vision for the company (up to 3 company leaders for 2 hours)
  4. Build 100% consensus to the proposed Viable Vision of all the top managers (one day)
  5. Build a top level strategy around the theory of constraints components to be deployed to achieve the Viable Vision.  Again, 100% consensus of top management is required to move forward.
  6. Agree on a contract. 
  7. Implement the Viable Vision over four years.

The best description of Viable Vision comes directly from Eli Goldratt himself in the form of an 8-minute video, where he talks about his reasoning behind the Viable Vision idea.  It's also used as a pitch to get people interested in the Viable Vision one-day events that Goldratt Consulting has been running around the world.  (Please note, I've had trouble connecting to the Goldratt Consulting website from time to time.  If this link doesn't work, try again in a few hours.)

UPDATE March 2007: Goldratt Consulting has changed the above steps to a contract. Mainly, top management do not have to attend the Viable Vision offer event, and the commitment process is centered around Strategy and Tactic Tree, rather than around creating a solution with the client.

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