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Critical Chain and Lean success in aircraft maintenance

The US Air Force must be pleased with the improved performance generated by Critical Chain Project Management.  The Warner Robbins Air Logistics Center has been recognized by Franz Edelman award in Operations Research.  I have seen presentations from other military repair depots.  And now, the Hill Air Force Base has announced their performance improvements as a result of CCPM and Lean.  Upgrades by Hill maintainers enhance A-10:

The Air Force will benefit from an A-10 milestone achieved here in March. Personnel from the 571st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron completed a Precision Engagement modification on an A-10 14 days ahead of schedule.

They've used a combination of Lean and Critical Chain Project Management to achieve this success while also working with fewer production stations and training for newly-hired technicians.  Here are some more details on their results.

"The 571st mechanics are well on their way to successfully executing the A-10 Precision Engagement program," Mr. Hoffman said. "They have reduced overtime from more than 1,400 hours per aircraft to an average of 600 hours. Overall modification time was reduced from a high of 5,400 hours to consistently less than 4,000 hours and is well on its way to the 3,512-hour target.

These kinds of results are not surprising with CCPM as applied in any project management environment.

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