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There is an eleventh BlogWalk

If you can be in Amsterdam in mid-May, have a look at BlogWalk Eleven for May 18th 2007 in Amsterdam.  It's hosted by Lilia and Ton.

Focus: Digital Bohemiens
Digital Bohemiens are (relatively) young people, fully adapted to the digital lifestyle. They see a city as their home, and are connected in European and global networks. They flock to conferences as their meeting places. If we look at this (somewhat exaggerated) portrait of the avant garde of internet users, what can we say about things like:

The tools they use
How they learn and develop themselves
How they support a highly mobile life style
The organisational models and business models that fit these networked individuals

I hosted BlogWalk Chicago in 2005 in the midst of a wonderful blizzard.  It was both interesting and fun.  Now to figure out how to get to Amsterdam for a few days, where the weather should be pleasant.  I'm sure the kids would love it.

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