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20 Free RSS Readers Reviewed by Simplehelp

Simplehelp has a handy article - 20 Free RSS Readers Reviewed ("rss reader" = "aggregator"):

Now that almost everyone knows what RSS is, I figured I’d review a few of the ways you can read RSS feeds. With a heavy emphasis on cross-platform and/or open source, here are 20 (albeit somewhat brief) reviews of the free RSS readers available. Links to download, screenshots and system requirements are included with every review.

[via Janet Johnson]

If you are getting tired of the aggregator you are using, this could be a useful starting point.  Be aware that the reviews are a few sentences with several screenshots of the aggregator in action.

Of the applications reviewed, 3/4 are client apps (install-on your machine) and the other 1/4 are web-based apps.  Of the client applications, nearly half operate on several platforms.  Of the rest four are Windows-only; two Macintosh-only; and two Linux-only.

Sadly, the platforms reviewed don't include some of my favorites: GreatNews (my current aggregator) and SharpReader (for threaded views - though RSS Bandit is reviewed, which also does threading).  In looking at my FeedBurner stats, the review certainly covers the big readers.  Interestingly, My Yahoo shows up as about 2% of applications used to read my feed.

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