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Survey of blogging for projects

Dennis McDonald is looking to survey people who are using blogs to support their project management work, either as the sole tool or in conjunction with other PM tools.  If you are doing this or can help him out, drop him a line.  Are You Using a Blog to Support Project Management?:

I am looking for people to interview (confidentially, if you like) about your personal experiences using a blog to support project management within a corporate or large organization setting. I am particularly interested in learning about issues such as corporate resistance, interaction with the IT department, the relationship of the blog to other project management and content management tools, and the types of outcomes you have experienced (e.g., has using the blog had any measurable impacts on project duration, involvement, or quality?)

I'm interested in speaking with people who are using g a blog as their only project management tool, as well as people who are using a blog as one of several tools that support project management.

People have been talking about blogs as a nice tool in support of project management, particularly along the lines of using blogs for status reports and activity updates.  But I haven't seen anyone talk (write) directly about their experience in doing so.

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